Today is often celebrated as All Saint’s Sunday – from the time in the liturgical calendar called All Saint’s Day – November 1st. Coincidentally, I’ve been going through all the family photos to downsize what I am taking on my next move (details at the end).

I’ve got photos for 4 generations (I think – it might be one more) on both my mother and father’s sides of the family. They are from Mexico and through the USA and probably France, making me a European mutt. They are through the aughts and teens, 20s and 30s, and all the way up to now. I’ve gone through photos of my childhood and college, through years in Washington D.C., then in seminary, and from most, if not all, of the church that I have served.

In addition to the photos, I realized that I had kept letters and cards for decades. I had a lot of purging to do here, because really I cannot keep carrying around all of these things. But so many encouraging words, thank you, Happy Birthdays and congratulations along the way. So many saints who helped me to become who I am now!

Admittedly, there are some photos that bear grief of things lost. A photo of my brother and I with a couple of family friends – I thought we would all grow old together, but my brother and one of the sisters died more than a decade ago, and the other sister is now quite disabled at too young an age. The photo of me with my nuclear family makes me sad, as I am the only one left among them. Another of my mom and dad with a couple that they raised children with – only one survives.

Adventure is part of the remembering – and it is fun to remember all the trips I took with friends and family, and how lucky I’ve been to go on the travels I have. Let me remember not to take those times for granted.

Even though this year I didn’t attend an All Saints service, I realize now that I was doing the good work of remembering the Saints as I poured through all of these items – it was a liturgy of blessing and letting go, but also treasuring that which I needed to hang onto – the bits that have the most meaning.

The inBetween Time is Over

I’m happy and thrilled to report that my time with being in-between calls is over – and I am headed to a new adventure – I will be the Transitional Pastor for Faith Presbyterian Church in Sierra Vista, AZ. This is a lovely church with a faithful heart for those in need in its community, and I am so happy to join them in their time of transition. I am moving out on November 15th and will plan to start at the church on December 1st – just in time for the new liturgical year in Advent!

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