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The fun part of creating your own designed item is that you get to do what you want. But there is also the other part of such efforts – like keeping track and adjusting as you go. For me, this ends up being a messy process of numbers/erasures/writeovers and just plain ol chicken scratches. Here are the working sheets for example:










Part of the challenge of this pattern is incorporating a couple of kinds of stitch patterns along with stockinette, and having one of the stitch patterns be the ‘side seam’ along the cardigan. As you can see on the second diagram I literally put the stitch counts in for each part to make sure that my counts were correct. Plenty of correction along the way!

Then when I got to the sleeves I debated how to knit them – flat with seams, or in the round? Because I wanted the same treatment I used on the side seams to be at the inside of the sleeve, I’ve opted to knit them bottom up and in the round, and had to do the same kind of calculation incorporating that as well as the cable along the front of the sleeve. In trying to figure out many to cast-on, and how to do it in pattern as I did for the body, this time I literally charted out the row, which got more complicated because I wanted the sleeve and button band edges to be done with a tubular cast-on which wears better. (I didn’t do this on the body because it adds some bulk with this thick yarn.) Seriously, there are days when I wonder…

Now that all the hard math is hopefully done, except for the front edges, I decided to copy over the work more neatly on a new sheet of paper so that I might be able to read this in the future and know what I did.

Note: The project template page is from an older but quite good book on designing and knitting your own sweaters called Sweater 101, but many other design books also have them. This one has three different templates, depending on whether you are doing a drop-shoulder, raglan, or set-in sleeve style. There are also sizing options so you don’t have to start in the dark if you don’t have every detailed measurement!

As far as the said sweater goes, the body is done and blocked:

and now I am onto knitting the sleeves in the round – I’ll do two-at-a-time on a couple of circulars I think. Thankfully this is bulky yarn so it should not take forever!

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