Too Hot to Knit?

Tomorrow at Casa del Revknits it is going to be close to 100 degrees. Yikes! That is hot for this time of year.

My progress on my own design that I’m calling the Simple Cable Cardigan is going well – I’m almost finished with the lower body and about to split into the fronts and backs:

The yarn is Ecological Wool, which is a woolly bulky yarn that is light, which will make the sweater cozy and fun. But having a lapful yarn on one’s lap in this heat is not fun. But I had just finished my last charity hat with about 2 yards of yarn leftover:

So I looked in one of my bags and realized that I had put aside a couple of fingering weight yarns to play with. One is yet more handspun awaiting some purpose – a lovely merino-silk blend from Ellen’s Half Pint farms,

and a new-to-me indy dyer called The Dye Project. It’s a Corriedale/Nylon blend in a color that glows!

I think the cardigan is going to have to wait for cooler weather!

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