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Squirrel! (When Crafters Get Distracted)

In the movie Up, there’s a lovely sequence about a dog that constantly get distracting whenever he sees a squirrel:

True story: members of one of my congregations knew the actual dog this was based on.

Last week, I had great intention of beginning to spin the lovely hand-dyed merino, and I even did a couple of samples and swatches:

both have a lovely hand. I like how the heavier three-ply feels more, but the weight of the lighter one is more practical. I was ready I thought, to begin, but then I rummaged through my hand-spun shelf, and discovered a lovely hand-painted BFL that had already been spun into 3 singles, only awaiting plying and finishing. Squirrel!

It really only took about 1.5 hours on the spindle to do this, and now I have this lovely yarn. It needed a good thwacking after soaking to get the kinks out.

which will help me complete a cowl/mittens/hat set – the color way is close enough to coordinate well:

In the meantime, I saw someone had linked to a Jillian Moreno post on spinning on <>, and I realized that no way do I have enough of the green merino top for a sweater – I probably have about 1/2 to 3/4 of what I need. So I will be looking to find some more merino top in probably a neutral color way to pair with this for my sweater adventures. I’m hoping to go to Lambtown this year so that will be on my shopping list!

Finally I’m finishing up reading Craeft by Alexander Langlands. It’s so interesting to read someone who has thought a lot about the meaning of crafts. Check it out!

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