Saturday was my birthday – not a big “milestone” birthday (that was last year). I went up to my cousin’s on Friday midday to beat (mostly) the weekend traffic thought the Bay Area, and we hung out a bit before heading out to a cute movie called The Biggest Little Farm. It’s an independent movie with that will help you feel good about the world and has beautiful photography as well:

The plan was to have pedicures with Marie and her daughters the next morning, but one of them got sick and needed to stay home to rest. So it was three of us getting pedicures, and we each chose a fun color!

Then Marie and I went to the grocery store and we got a few more things – it was a small casual lunch that we had, given schedules and sickness. Marie had left up the decorations from Lu’s birthday party a few weeks ago, so I too had a pirate-themed birthday!

The decorations worked with a little editing:

If I have a Power Rangers party when I turn 70, you’ll know why!

As the afternoon wore on, I realized that there is a special perfection to a quiet celebration. We explored the back yarn with Lu

and we blew out the candles on the chocolate cupcakes:

One could say that nothing happened, but that would be wrong. We spent unrushed time with each other and enjoyed a beautiful day.

It was the perfection of letting things unfold and not forcing a particular kind of celebration.

And while all of that was happening – my Facebook friends sent a lot of greetings too – from growing up days, college, Washington D.C. seminary, online friends, clergy and knitting friends. I am not thrilled about Facebook for a whole bunch of reasons, but this is one of the good things it provides!


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