Saturday was my birthday – not a big “milestone” birthday (that was last year). I went up to my cousin’s on Friday midday to beat (mostly) the weekend traffic thought the Bay Area, and we hung out a bit before heading out to a cute movie called The Biggest Little Farm. It’s an independent movie with that will help you feel good about the world and has beautiful photography as well:

The plan was to have pedicures with Marie and her daughters the next morning, but one of them got sick and needed to stay home to rest. So it was three of us getting pedicures, and we each chose a fun color!

Then Marie and I went to the grocery store and we got a few more things – it was a small casual lunch that we had, given schedules and sickness. Marie had left up the decorations from Lu’s birthday party a few weeks ago, so I too had a pirate-themed birthday!

The decorations worked with a little editing:

If I have a Power Rangers party when I turn 70, you’ll know why!

As the afternoon wore on, I realized that there is a special perfection to a quiet celebration. We explored the back yarn with Lu

and we blew out the candles on the chocolate cupcakes:

One could say that nothing happened, but that would be wrong. We spent unrushed time with each other and enjoyed a beautiful day.

It was the perfection of letting things unfold and not forcing a particular kind of celebration.

And while all of that was happening – my Facebook friends sent a lot of greetings too – from growing up days, college, Washington D.C. seminary, online friends, clergy and knitting friends. I am not thrilled about Facebook for a whole bunch of reasons, but this is one of the good things it provides!



Third Time’s the Charm

No matter how long I knit, I make the most basic fundamental mistakes. The major difference from when I was a beginner is that I know when things are off, and either figure it out myself, or ask for help.

This past week was a reminder that the best thing about knitting is that you can rip it out and start over.

Project: Drunk Knitter’s MKAL

This is a shawl project of a certain unknown shape that is from something that someone in Game of Thrones might wear. Since I don’t watch the show, it’ doesn’t matter to me. The project is knit in brioche stitches, and uses the terminology from Knitting Fresh Brioche by Nancy Marchand and since I’ve knit this scarf from the book,


I figured it wouldn’t be too bad.

The first two clues went well. Here’s what the first clue looked like:


I knit the third one and my first problem was that I ended up with 43 stitches instead of 45 at the end, which meant I had started with 43 stitches. I mean, really, I didn’t even pick up the right number of stitches. Okay. Rip it out.

I knit the indicated section the second time, and have 45 stitches at this point:


Which means starting the fourth clue should have been quite easy. As I started to knit it, though, I realized that nobody else’s projects had this quirky cross in it:


I read the fourth clue’s directions, and I was following them to perfection, so I posted on the thread on Ravelry and asked for help. Within the hour, another knitter responded by telling me that I had knit the third clue incorrectly  – I had used the wrong stitch. And she was totally right! Which meant I had to rip things out again for the third clue and start over.

Today things are looking good, I’ve reknit the third clue


and my foray into the fourth clue looks correct and I’ve ploughing through clue 5:


I hope I can finish this with the rest of the MKAL knitters. But who knows what other error I may introduce into this project? Stay tuned.


FO: Peanut

One of the joys in our extended family is that we have a new baby in our clan, little baby Lu. He’s simply adorable and funny and sunny and it makes your heart glad when he gives you a dazzling grin.

We celebrated his birthday on Saturday, and there were lovely decorations, and happy family members, and we had cake and he loved it.

There were also some presents – mostly things he needs like shirts and shorts, but also his aunt and uncle went all out and got him a dinosaur car and he’s already smitten.

As the designated knitter, I decided to do a small thing, since summer is coming and he won’t really need much knitwear. I knit him a vest, and put cats on it.

The pattern is called Peanut and it’s from a small booklet by Tin Can Knits called Max and Bodhi’s Wardrobe, with some fun small boy patterns. Peanut has a snowflake on the front and the back, so I substituted the “cat” pattern from the Alterknit Stitch Dictionary which is quite fun. My project notes on Ravelry here.


This is a pre-blocked photo, and somehow I don’t seem to have post-washing photos – it looks a lot better than this!