Spring is coming – tomorrow we’ll be getting a day in 80’s which will be fun, even though we expect it to only last a day.

Which leads me to think about knitting in warmer weather – out go the heavy sweaters and the like. In come small projects and lighter yarns.

My selection of bed socks has been declining as some socks need to go out of rotation, so I used the impressionist yarn I bought in San Francisco for a simple pair of bed socks – just a 2×2 rib because the yarn is so pretty!


And my pastoral colleague Gerardo has had issues of getting wet while delivering food in our open pantry, so I made him a simple hat out of super wash merino yarn. I really like how it came out – it’s the Citrus Hat with a bunch of modifications in stitch count, length, etc. 


But wait, I’m not done. I’m currently working on a mystery KAL with Safiyyah aka Drunk Knitter. I started following her after a lot of the discussion on racism in knitting, and she’s lovely – she can handle talking about this stuff and then also is a fun knitter too. Her MKAL is related to Game of Thrones, and I was going to pass on it, and then Jasmin from the Knitmoregirls posted about supported these new voices, and I realized that I could do the project with stash yarn, so let’s go for it, even though I do not watch this show (weak on violence, sorry gang).

If you want to check out the MKAL go here: hashtag #dkmkal on Instagram.

This is my yarn wound, it’s a brioche project, and she’s done the homework to explain the concepts, has videos, etc, and is following the threads on Ravelry closely. I appreciate her attention to things!

So I’ll be good on accessories, well, actually I’m looking at knitting myself a hat in the Snapdragon pattern by Ysolda. In my defense, I lost my blue hat on my last trip!

But I also have a bunch of yarn that was intended for a Romi sweater until I came to my senses and realized I didn’t want the end result. Now I just want to knit a striped cardigan, so I’m looking for a pattern to adapt.

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