Knitting Deadline

Early in January I started a lace cardigan sweater, no, not the Fancy Cardigan one of the knitting disaster. I’m knitting Recoleta by the same designer, which is done in a worsted yarn – I’m using Miss Bags Yowza, which is a little finer, but it seems to be working.

It’s a top-down sweater with a shawl collar. You begin with a provisional cast on for the back collar, knit some inches in lace one way, then go back and put the stitches on the needle and go the other way for the same inches, then you pick up stitches for the front, sleeves and back on one edge and begin knitting down in a raglan style, oh, and by the way, remember to knit that big back chart for your specific size as you also continue the lace collar down the front. And you have two charts to track and you’ll be on different rows the whole time. I know some folks use software to solve problems like this – I was pretty old school with page protectors and highlight tape. It worked!

But the back is pretty cool:


It’s now the end of January and I’ve gotten this far:


So I only have a sleeve to go, and the sleeve cap is already knitted. Of course, for the first sleeve I adjusted the width because folks said the pattern had sleeves that are too narrow. Then I went according to pattern with a slow decrease, which turned out to be too slow – the sleeves were very loose and with an already loose body, it was not looking good, so I ripped out about 10 inches of sleeve and reknit to decrease faster, and now it looks good.

The deadline is that I leave town for 9 days on early Sunday morning, and this sweater is going with me one way or another, hopefully it will be knit, blocked and ready to wear. A sleeve is only like a hat and a half, and it’s mostly all stockinette, and the math is done to make it fit. Except that I am away for a couple of days starting tomorrow afternoon at a pastor retreat-like event except that they keep you busy all day so it’s not a retreat really. But somehow I managed to book a hotel that is within a block of the place we’re meeting, so it would be possible to slip away and knit for a bit, right? Because it is called a retreat.

Stay tuned for the adventure of the knitted deadline…