Knitting for Good


When I moved to Fresno back in 2015, I learned about a charity knitting group called Knitted Knockers – and I immediately was captivated by the notion of knitters providing free, lightweight breast prostheses to women who had breast cancer surgery.

I started by knitting a few here and there (Izzie, as usual, in charge of quality control!,

and then when I moved to San Jose, it turns out that my new knitting group is my monthly Knitted Knockers group here in Silicon Valley. They are lovely group and I really enjoy getting together with them.

This year, as fall progressed, I realized that I had been knitting a lot of knockers over the months, and I set my self a goal – to knit at least 100 knockers. Well, last month, I made my goal – 101 knockers!

I’m also beginning to help with social media work for our mighty group. We tried to publicize Knitted Knockers for Breast Cancer Awareness Month by sending out press releases, but that is old school and not working. So, you can join our Facebook page, follow us on MeetUp and get alerts on our monthly meetings, or follow our brand new Instagram feed where we offer encouragement, inspiration, and knitterly beauties.

Here’s one taste of our Instagram feed:

I’ve knit a few more knockers already, but I don’t count them until I turn them in (which will be next year), so here’s to some in the bank knockers!

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