Finding (and Making) Knitting People

Long-time readers of Revknits know that I change jobs about every couple of years. Sometimes I move along with that, and about a year ago I moved to San Jose from Fresno.

Each time I move, I have a whole host of new providers to find – hairdresser, doctors, auto mechanic, etc. The priority of who I find first changes each time. With this last move, I decided to reconnect with my former primary physician, even though she’s about 50 miles away (I’m not sick and needing to see her often), but I had to find a gastroenterologist quickly. On the other hand, i just found an optometrist and dentist.

And of course, finding my knitting people is very important. Having been introduced to Knitted Knockers in Fresno, I was thrilled to find a local Santa Clara group, and went early on to a monthly gathering. They are very welcoming, but it has been a challenge to attend consistently with my schedule. I’ve only made it about every 3 months, but again, they are lovely. Other groups also seem to meet monthly, except for a group charges a fee to attend (??).

This past Saturday I was tired from seeing a show the night before, but pushed myself to go, and I finally feel like I belong. They know my name, we’re now friended on Ravelry, we’ve traded knitting patterns and I shared my latest knitting disaster, after which a knitter, who had gotten intimidated by my Ravelry projects, looked at me and said, “That is so good to hear.” Yep, we are the knitting sister and brotherhood sharing our challenges and our successes.

So I guess I’m going to help the group do some publicity for Knitted Knockers in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Belonging also means helping the group!

I’m also setting up a meeting at a local library to see if I can set up a class to teach teens to knit. I think it would be really fun! My current thought is to use Susan B. Anderson’s book Kids’ Knitting Workshop – it is really clear and has great beginner projects.

Because sometimes it’s not about finding knitting people, it’s about making more of them!