Bending to the siren song of sweaters

I haven’t made a sweater in a while – in fact, other than a shell I made that didn’t really turn out all that well, it’s been over a year!

There have been a couple of stall outs along the way. I bought a bunch of Miss Babs Yowza to make this cardigan from Knitty, called Wisteria, because it was a triple-threat for me: a cardigan, with set-in sleeves and a shawl collar (!), but after looking at the Ravelry projects, it turns out that many people had trouble getting their sweaters to fit, so it sat for a long time, and I decided to frog it and think a while.

Then I got the idea to make Copperplate, a lovely top down, set-in sleeve open front cable pattern, and I was going to make it part of the Ravellenic Games (aka the Knitting Olympics. I even copied all the pages of the pattern in the lovely book by Elizabeth Doherty, but other than putting everything into a project bag ready to swatch and start (my previous swatch was on gauge), well, nothing has happened.

In the meantime, I started thinking about the people for whom it is worth it to me to knit sweaters (a stunningly small universe because of all the time involved). They are all relatives, in case you wanted to get in line. Ha-ha! I told my cousin Marie about this – and she said she wanted a drapey kind of sweater, which is fine. And her daughter, Allison, who is due to have a baby next month, will need a sweater than is flexible size-wise.

And then I had bought that sweater kit with yarn I wasn’t using, so I needed to find something to knit for me as well.

In the deep dive into my pattern library and the general Ravelry contents, I’ve come with:

  • knitting another Sara Lace Cardigan for me – I really liked how the first one worked. My skeins of yarn are two very different dye lots, so I am alternating every two rows – there’s a slight stripe-effect, which I am ok with. Current progress: finished the yoke and working on the body…

  • knitting a Fancy Cardi by Joji Locatelli for Allison – it has fronts that can drape or be over-lapping, which seems to be the best for flexible sizing and nursing coverage. The yarn I’m going to use is Coast by Holst Garn. I love me a wool/cotton blend, and since this is washable, it’s good for a new mom(have yet to swatch). It’s also very reasonably-priced, so if I like it, I’m going to get more of this! I’ve also considered knitting this pattern for myself too – we’ll see once I’ve knit this for Allison. Here’s what the yarn looks like:

Either of these patterns would be possible for Marie, but I’m seriously considering the Hitofude cardigan because I think it would flatter Marie’s cute figure, and it looks good on people of our height. I’ve made two of them, in quite different yarns! We’ll see, I don’t have yarn yet, so this is theoretical at the moment.

So, what sweater patterns are beckoning you with their siren song?