Needles and Blades: the Ravellenics

The Blades

I might like figure skating a whole lot. Ok, I’m one of those superfans. It’s legal in most states, thank goodness.

You can imagine then, how seriously I take the Winter Olympics, which has not only the for individual competitions that we get every year – mens, women (aka Ladies in the US), Pairs and Ice Dance, but also something that began in Sochi four years ago – the team event!

In a way, it’s like getting two competitions in one. The top ten countries battle it out against each other, which means that many (not all) of the top contenders skate first for their team.

By one week in to the games, I was exhausted from watching skating literally every evening. But so much drama and a lot of great performances.

The Needles.

I’ve participated in every one of them and have all the pins to prove it.

This year, I signed up for three projects with Ravellenics: baby booties, short socks, and a cardigan.

Shortly into the games, I realized that I didn’t have the bandwidth mentally to make the cardigan. I’m always adapting the patterns to fit me, and I knew it wasn’t in the cards.

The baby booties you’ve already seen and only took two days to finish:

and then I finally used some commercial Yarn I bought in Munich on my trip in 2016. I love the colorway:

The pattern is a heel called the Thumb-joint hat-top heel from Sock Architecture. It’s actually done as a fore-thought heel and works nicely with variegated yarns.

That’s it for this year! Next stop: 2020 in Tokyo.

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