Stitches West (by Light Rail)

It’s been three years since I went to Stitches West; the last time was in 2015. In that adventure, I took 2 classes, had lunch with friends, and still did major financial investing in my fiber future. Wow!

This year, after a 2-year hiatus living in Fresno, I had the opportunity to do Stitches West as a true local – I got there by the VTA Light Rail this time. I literally live about 3 blocks from a station on the right line, and the VTA drops you off across the street from the main entrance to the convention center. It took about 45 minutes, but that’s time spent gazing in the distance and strategizing for the marketplace.

Yes, this year I didn’t take any classes, partly because lot’s of thing had been filled, but also because I feel like I want to live out trying some of the techniques I’ve learned in the past. Even though I arrived an hour after the marketplace had opened, there was still a hefty line to get the 1/2 price tickets with coupons, but it moved quickly and it was fun to chat with those next to me. One woman was attending her first Stitches ever, so I tried to give her first-timer advice.

It reminded me that my first Stitches was over 20 years ago while I was in seminary, and the event was at the Oakland Convention Center. Since then, I’ve attended a number of them, in the past decade it’s been like every 2-4 years, mostly because there are now other yarn events that I’ve gotten to attend, like Vogue Knitting Live and the New York Sheep and Wool Festival (aka Rhinebeck).

Just before entering, I spied members of my old knitting group – they had already gone through the marketplace and were heading to lunch already. They looked great!

Having taken a couple of years off, it’s always interesting to note the changes in the marketplace. Yarn Barn from Kansas is now MIA, the WEBS booth is a fraction of its former size, and Knit Picks had a booth with their higher-end yarns. But there were some new to me vendors, and a lot of familiar faces.

One essential stop was at Miss Babs, where I got some Yummy 2-ply – a full skein in a charcoal color, and some mini-skeins:

And I found some organic cotton in a gender-neutral color way for a future baby sweater:

My good spindle dealer vendor Ken at KCL Woods had a new set of spindles could not be ignored:

and my purchases were complete with some odds and ends – a couple of shawl pins that I wear with my open cardigans, a small travel LoLo bar in lavender, some stitch markers for a friend who couldn’t come, and a deal on highlighter tape.

A final humorous note about my return trip on VTA. I sprang out of my seat at my stop, went just onto the platform when I realized I forgot the bag holding my purchases. Fortunately there was time to rush back to my seat and get them out before the doors closed!

Coming soon: What did I do (or not) with those 2015 Stitches purchases. I’ll review the photo, talk about the projects finished and frogged, and about repurposing.

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