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It’s an exciting time at Casa del Revknits – there’s a baby on the way! Obviously, as a knitter this is an exciting time.

I got to the stage of “I must favorite all the cute baby patterns on Ravelry” fairly quickly, and then realized, this new member of the family will be around for hopefully a very long time. So, pacing the knitting is in order.

One thing that is quite helpful to new parents are baby blankets – because you need multiples. You need one at home, another for the car, etc.  I looked in Ravelry at a few patterns: this, this, and this. Aren’t they all cute? The one that captured my attention, and would end up being the one knitted is this: Op Art Baby Blanket.

A lot of knitters have made this, and they are wonderful, check them out here. I did get inspired by the rainbow-colored ones with black contrast, because I don’t know the baby’s gender, but I do know that inclusive thinking is high with this couple. I did a test swatch and sent the photo to the mom-to-be to make sure she was ok with all this color:

It was also appropriately kitty inspected as it was knit:

I’m really happy with the result:

This is somewhere between the small and large size – but it is pretty big! You can check out the colors and amounts that I used here on my Ravelry project page.

Once the blanket was finished, I wanted to knit all the baby things, but remember, it’s about the pacing. So I decided to go the opposite of the very big knit and make very small things: a newborn hat and booties set:

The hat is a free one, pom-pom added! It’s out of two colors of Koigu PKKK, labels lost to history, alternating every two rows. It’s a clever design, because with the large brim folded as in the photo, it’s perfect for a newborn, but you can unfold it over time and it will stretch up to 16 inches, the size of a toddler’s head!

The booties are the Churchmouse Yarns and Teas Stay-on Baby Booties – I really like this pattern because you can make them out of different weights of yarn.

I’ve made others  before:

and they always look cute!

So, these were delivered yesterday at the baby shower, and they were appreciated by the couple. Now to hold off until the baby needs more things…or not.


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