On Knitting Rest

I moved about a month ago, and in the middle of moving stuff around (as one does), I tweaked my elbow, and since then, it hasn’t gotten better. So in looking a reliable websites is one of my favs), I figured out that I have what is often called “tennis elbow” or elbow tendenitis.

The good news is that I didn’t injure my arm by knitting, but the truth is that I won’t heal unless I dramatically reduce my use of it, so stopping now is a better plan. So I’m stopping my knitting (and trying to reduce my keystrokes on the computer). Cue the sad face.

The good news is that I managed to knit most of the knitting gifts I really wanted to.



Knitting Memories

There are many kinds of knitting memories. There are the knits you remember giving because you loved the person for whom you knit it. Like this sweater, long since felted by a careless caregiver for my mother: 

And then there are the knits that you knit with special yarn that you got from a special place. This yarn came from a trip to Black Mountain, North Carolina, and knit for an appreciative friend:

And then there are knits that will help you remember a special trip by the design itself. Last week I was reminded of my trip to Paris by a knit that appeared on the Mason-Dixon website (which you should totally check out), and had to knit immediately, it is called the Eiffel Towel.

That trip a year ago was a trip of a lifetime. It was a lot of fun, I got to see amazing sites, and eat incredible food. And one thing I didn’t know ahead of time was how close my hotel room would be to the Eiffel Tower, nor that it would flash and sparkle at night.

Now, it feels like a long time ago – I’m in a different city and at a different job. But I can see the memories in my head and now in my kitchen!

The Eiffel Tower from the River Seine


Monet’s Garden at Giverny



Gardens at Versailles

New Locale, FOs

Last month, I moved from the Great Central Valley of California to Silicon Valley – to San Jose, to be specific.

I’d say I’m about 80 percent unpacked three weeks later, although I am hoping by Sunday that percentage is down signficantly. I’ve done 95 percent of the kitchen, office, bathrooms and master bedroom. The living room has a ways to go – in order to function, you don’t really need to get access to all of the cd/dvds/books and knickknacks, and apparently the cats do not consider this very important either:

I am serving a downtown church, San Jose First United Methodist Church, which is literally across from City Hall, which this week, due to the sad news in Las Vegas, has the flags at half-mast. The folks have welcomed me, and I’m about 80 percent unpacked in my office as well.

Along the way, I kept knitting, although for a few days, it stopped completely due to moving. Here’s what I’ve been working on.

First up, a prayer blanket for a family member facing a tough diagnosis:

It’s the Colorblock Bias Blanket with adjustments on the color part, and I’m planning on using pompoms instead of the tassels, due to the heavier weight of yarn. Funny anecdote: he thought I would not knit this fast enough to be of use – LOL! Seriously.

I also worked on a lovely lace shawl in a stunning blue yarn in Wollmeise. The color is called Blue Curacao.

It’s Ianthine by Hunter Hammersen, and I’ll be a little sad to give it away to a dear friend, but it will be appreciated! Project details here.

I also had some comfort knitting in a pair of socks for a Christmas gift:

And Brandy did a full feline inspection:

And then I used some leftovers to make bootie socks for myself. Yes, I could have matched the heels precisely, but that didn’t feel like much fun to me. What can I say, I enjoy quirky!