Christmas in July (and August, and September…)

As long-term readers know, I am a pastor who is typically quite busy in the month of December, so I don’t try to pull a lot of last-minute gift knitting off – that way lies many tears and no sleep. Instead I begin thinking and planning my Christmas knitting in the summertime, when there is plenty of time and I’m not usually trying to get my own knitting done – especially this summer, in which the forecast as looked like this for the past four weeks:

Yes, that is about 6 weeks of weather that is constantly above 100 degrees. No, I do not like it. But this will probably be the last month I need to worry about (news next week on this!). On top of that, there’s the long-haired cat that doesn’t seem to get I’m not all that interested in her on top of me at this time of year:

That’s how I feel with her hot furry body on mine!

Planning time is going ok. I’ve got one project underway with stash knitting, and the yarn came for another one, and I went to the yarn store today for another knitting project, and bought yarn for one more. There’s a cowl, a shawl, and a pair of socks all ready to go, and a ponchette is kitted up if I get to that. That leaves a few projects yet to work out, but all will work itself out in the coming weeks (or not – that’s ok too). It feels good to have some projects ready to go, because I got to the point where I didn’t have much on the needles.

What is your knitting looking like at this time of year?

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Knitting looks the same year ’round for me! Thank goodness for air conditioning in the summer. It doesn’t get nearly as hot here in Portland as it does in Fresno, but they’re forecasting 107 next week. Yikes!

On the other hand: I don’t gift knit. Too much pressure. If Christmas rolls around and I have something in my FO stash that suits, I’ll give it. But no specific gift knitting.

Currently designing a new shawl. Will I ever get tired of them? Not yet!

Your shawls are so great – I may do the Bee one soon. And yes, you definitely have an advantage in Portland for summer knitting, but 107? Yikes, you guys don’t have enough air conditioning for that!

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