I didn’t plan on it

Last weekend I went down to my old stomping grounds in Southern California to visit friends and family – it had been a whole year since I had gone!  It was a weekend of eating bigger meals with everyone – but really delicious.

Everything was blooming, including the Jacaranda trees!

and high school friends looked good while we sighed a lot about our current President.

And I traveled with these lovely young ladies on my maiden trip on the LA metro – finally!

And we saw amazing independent podcasters do their thing at the Ace Hotel in Downtown after having probably the best Chinese dumplings ever!


While on the trip, I watched for the Colorwash shawl  – which looked good:

but then I had a knitting emergency!  Somehow I had lost the knitting needle that I had used – a size 4 interchangeable ChaioGoo. Yikes!

So, while it hadn’t been in my plans at all, I found a new-to-me yarn store in Pasadena – right next to the Pasadena Playhouse, and it’s lovely. The staff couldn’t have been better! Next time I’ll buy some yarn – it has some great stuff. But I didn’t plan on it!

One evening I had dinner with family friends – that’s Tuan, who came here with his family as a refugee back in the 1970s, and now in retrospect, I find it funny that I taught him and his sister English – both have college degrees and are professionals. Refugees rock!

Yes, we watched SNL Saturday night since it was live on the West Coast for a change. Tuan’s daughters wanted to watch mainly for Haim. We adults were watching for Melissa McCarthy’s impression of Sean Spicer.

So good to see folks I don’t get see often enough, and there was progress on the shawl:

On my return, I ordered needle tips and a new cable for my interchangeable set (because unless you have all of them, it isn’t that useful), and they arrived quickly:

Of course, the day after I ordered them, my host Bonny found the errant knitting needle near the couch in the living room, so I basically bought two more size 4 needles than I need. Whoops!

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That’s so funny, because I had to buy more size 4 needle tips and a cable for my HiyaHiya interchangeables. But only because I have too many projects that are all using that size! So I didn’t plan on it, either, but in a different way…

Love those purple jacarandas!

I certainly now have plenty of size 4s – between two sets of interchangeable ChaioGoos, my Knitpicks interchangeables, plus now 3 fixed circulars, I’m certainly set for a while! 90 percent of my needles are size 5 and under.

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