Spring pursuits 

Thursday it was in the high 90’s here in Fresno; yesterday we were in the low 80’s and today we might not get out of the 60’s. It must be spring!

I’m making steady progress on the summer top based on another one I knit a while back in a different yarn. I had to do the maths to make it work. I really like the Sally Melville’s Knitting Pattern Essentials for such endeavors. That’s how I figured out how to do the shirttail hem, and what kind of decreasing I need to do for a scoop-neck. But there is so much more to this book, it’s good if you want to dip your toe into designing your own stuff, or copying that sweater you love. And she has magical formulas for making your button bands turn out well in all kinds of stitch patterns!

So far, so good.  The uneven bits will be fine once I wash the yarn as I did in the switching.

It’s being done on Size 2 needles, so it’ll go slow; I forgot about that when I decided to make this again! I’m now beyond the armhole bind-offs.

The other kind of pursuit is getting the cold weather stuff put away and the warm weather stuff out. Here’s what the spring/summer sweaters look like. I did wash and block a couple that look a whole lot better now!

and that means the woolly ones need to be washed before I put them away:


Brandy didn’t quite get the concept of laying them out – she loved the smell I guess!

And in non-knitting news: I decided before I went out and bought a new dress for my little cousin’s wedding to try on all the ones I own, and it turns out that I already have a great but different dress from the one I wore to her sister’s wedding.  I’m not crazy about the little bolero sweater I wear with it (which is black, not so good for a farm-style wedding), but I found something on Lands’ End that will come in time. Now to find some comfy shoes to switch into for the reception!

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