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Since I last wrote, I’ve been to North Carolina and back – and even got to see the Super Bowl this year – because I went out and visited my friends Aimee and Will who’ve bought and renovated a house just outside Asheville. I delivered the two hats that I knit for them, with the promise of a photo with them wearing them. Even though they were still moving in, the guest room was all set up for me:

And I got to wear my new Sara Lace Cardigan some, which was nice, and there was plenty of time to knit and I made great progress on a poncho project from my knitting guild retreat called the Tilt Shift Wrap. It’s a fun stitch pattern with some elongated stitches, and it’s basically a big rectangle that you sew up some to make attractive diagonal lines that make it better than a usual big poncho. Here’s the final photo – I hope to get one with me wearing it soon!

I also decided to make an activist hat – I’ll be honest and say that the pussy hats  were not my cup of tea, even though I agreed with all the issues at stake. However, Donna Druchunas just came out with an e-book called Knitting as a Political Act, and there was a color chart for a hat saying Knit the Resistance. And I had some amazing yarn that my lovely roommate Martina bought for me in Paris – called Lil Weasel – a DK weight bouncy merino – so lovely. I made some modifications, and I really like how it came out:

If you’d like to get connected, you can join the Ravelry group Fans of Donna Druchunas and join the discussion in the thread “Knitting as a Political Act.”

And now I’m onto a few Knitted Knockers (apparently there was a Dear Abby column about them, and all the chapters are getting a lot of requests), and hats for a couple of more charities, including Operation Thank You  which go to our military folks and their families, as well as an amazing Double-Helix stitch-patterned hat for the Science March in Washington, DC in April. More on those soon!

Tomorrow I head up into the lower Sierra Mountains – we are getting a lot of rain, and the ground is saturated, so I hope I get up there ok! Hopefully it won’t look like this when I went up a month ago:


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4 thoughts on “FO: Tilt Shift Wrap

  1. Love the color shift on your Tilt Shift! Block and seam…I just wore mine today. Almost springy this morning. Now it’s supposed to snow tomorrow. Blech.

    What’s the name of the double helix hat?

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