What I knit in 2016

Lunna Voe Shawl pattern by Ysolda

Each year, I like to review my Ravelry notebook projects to figure out what I knit in the past year. Hint: this is easier to do when you tag each project with the year tag “2016”, and so on. This past year, Ravelry tells me that I knit 12,640 yards of yarn, down from 17,340 yards in 2016, which is closer to my annual average. There was a self-described “knitting trough” in the middle part of the year. I think that is in part to knitting fewer sweaters and shawls this past year. I’m not one to make things a competition, so it is what it is. I did do a fair amount of both charity and gift knitting, and this year, I think I’d like to make myself some sweaters, including one that I restarted over the holidays.

Socks –  12 pairs, most of them as gifts.

Shawls – 5, a couple as presents, but 3 for me. This is down from 9 last year!

Hats – 5, mostly presents

Necklaces – 11 beaded ones, all gifts and charity knitting

Knitted Knockers – about 50, but I didn’t count. I have a bunch more that will be donated soon. Check out the Knitted Knockers website.

Sweaters – 2. Wow, only two this year, one for my cousin, and one for me. As noted above, this needs to be rectified in this coming year.

Fingerless mittens – 1

Miscellaneous – 1 pair boot toppers, 1 dishcloth, 1 cowl, a few kitty fish toys

The knitting for the new year is productive already – I’ll post in a  day or two what’s been worked on at Casa del Revknits!