Christmas Knitting

I do like to knit for Christmas – because it is a way of showing concretely my love for friends and family. But I learned a long time ago that putting myself on a treadmill of knitting (which for some, spills over into the New Year), is no fun at all. A couple of these were not specifically for Christmas, but given in the season, so I think it counts!

So I usually begin by August – because then I’m having fun with the planning and the doing. This year, after I had made a lot of my plans, I heard from my cousin’s family that instead of all of us giving each other gifts, we were drawing names. This is an idea I can totally get behind, mind you, I am not opposed in the least, except that, you know, I had already made a lot of gifts. So I asked for an exemption and continued on.

Most them were smaller – socks, cowls, shawls, etc. And the bonus was they were all done in plenty of time for Christmas!

One piece of positive feedback was from the fiancé farmer – I had been wondering if he liked the hand knit socks, and the verdict was very positive, so I’ll keep knitting those – no matter whose name I get next year!


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