I started a sweater last February, with the intention of having the opportunity to wear it in the Spring – but I got completely stalled when I realized that my stitches were off for the lace sweater on the back of it. For a while, I indulged myself in the illusion that I could figure out how to make the pattern work. But then, the day came when it became clear that it was not going well.

It sat in time-out for quite a while. Because this sweater is knit top-down, and in one piece, ripping some of the rows to find a place to pick it up again seemed daunting. Were there no other options?

There were – this is a sweater knit in lace yarn, and I have plenty, as in, almost enough to knit another one with shorter sleeves. So, I simply snipped the yarns, took off the WIP off the needles and saving the stitch markers, and it looked a little sad:

But the thing is, I was free – and freed – to restart from the beginning, without a single mistake put into the project. It relieved me of trying to fix the other mistakes, and allowed me to take the learning from those mistakes and apply them to the new attempt at the sweater.

This time, I marked the pattern more clearly, and have gotten through all the exciting and potentially crazy points in the pattern. Izzie is giving her approval:


And it makes me think: what else might I need to give myself permission to restart in my life? The turning of the year is a helpful marker and reminder that we don’t necessarily need to carry into our lives all our past mistakes.  God gives us grace when we screw up. We can let them go, and keep the learning with us for new things, and new adventures.

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Thanks Renée, I especially needed to read the last paragraph 🙂
Here’s to a happy and healthy new year to you and yours!

Hey Alison, I seem to have not been getting alerts on blog posts – sorry this is so late in reply. I hope your year is going well!

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