Yarn Adventures

One of the fun things about coming to Fresno is the Sheeper Than Therapy knitting guild that I joined. These gals know their knitting and like to learn – a lot. Now they meet at the church I’m serving:


and it’s even more convenient for me.

This past weekend we went to St. Anthony’s Retreat Center in Three Rivers (just outside Sequoia National Park) for a weekend of fiber fun, wine, community sharing and delicious meals.

There was knitter swag waiting for in our rooms – notions, cute scissors, a project bag and a yarn container and so much more.

We had an outside teacher, the marvelous Michele Lee Bernstein (aka pdxknitterati) who flew in from Portland to join us.


Michele worked really hard – she taught four classes over the three days – and hung out with us for the social times as well. She is a lot of fun! Her patterns are simple with a cool twist – so there is something to learn along the way.

First we worked on Log Cabin squares as our appetizer class. They looked pretty good all together!


Then we were challenged by a class to make Braided Wristers with various incarnation of Latvian braids. I picked some pretty bright colors for mine, but so many were really interesting.


Then we worked on a project of a poncho called the Tilt Shift Wrap (and one that shorter folks can wear!) with a cool stitch in the middle:


And finally she taught us some basic photography lessons and a few apps that are helpful, including a Layout app for smartphones that I love:


Michele’s patterns are definitely worth checking out, and check her her most recent adventure of meeting “The Boss” who actually called her “a dangerous woman”!

Saturday evening we did gift exchange game. I am always fretting about what to bring – is it enough? The right thing? Ack the worry of it all. Luckily, this time I brought something that was “stolen” so it there was at least one person who wanted it. I came away with some Wollmeise yarn and a few more notions (!):

Consider this foreshadowing, as I am off to Europe and will be in a city where there is a Wollmeise store! Woo-hoo!


A Trip, A Wedding and an FO

Time to catch up on the happenings at Casa del Revknits. This is a post in three parts: The trip, the wedding, and an FO.

The Trip

In late August I had the fortune to travel to the hills of Western North Carolina to teach at an event there – and it was very green! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on one’s point of view) for my fiber plans, the local yarn store was closed for the week as the owners were on vacation. Good thing I brought projects to work on!


I was able to visit my friends Aimee and Will that I met through social about 7-8 years ago as the economy was collapsing and we started using this new platform called Twitter! They are renovated a house outside Asheville and I was their first guest – we ate takeout on the porch which has a killer view:


Toward the end of the event, Hurricane Hermine was threatening and I took an early flight out of Charlotte to make it back in time for a family wedding.

The Wedding

Allison and Eben are delightful couple, and I happen to be related to the bride. They had a smallish wedding in the backyard of a restaurant – and it was charming, full of laughter and tears. I got to preside over the ceremony, and it was such an honor!



The FO

All along the way on these trips and events, I had my knitting with me. The Fraxinus Cowl by Ysolda Teague is party of her @2016 Ysolda club, and it’s the first one that I just knit the way that she had designed. I loved the Uncommon Thread Posh Fingering yarn in a color way that shifts between green and gray depending on the light,


and the pattern is fun too! All done and ready for gifting at Christmas.