Final Part

It seems like a long time ago, but here goes for the final part of my vacation last month.

I went to the Bay Area again, and for the first time in years and years, I got to see in person a sister interim pastor, Nancy Martin Vincent! So good to catch up with her and life.

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Then I went to UCSF to see Dr. Fancy-Schmancy and everything is good, I’ll see him in September, hopefully for the last time.

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In the evening, I got to stay with my friends Mary Elyn and Jeff in Oakland, so I didn’t have to trek up to Santa Rosa in the rush-hour traffic. Their garden is a delight!

IMG_1094 IMG_1093IMG_1092




The next morning, I went to see my friend Sophie at Bluebird Yarn and Fiber, which sadly is closing because Sophie is off to new adventures and love. (There’ll be a separate post later)

And I squeezed a lunch in with my clergy gal friend Linda, who is now doing all things weaving – and has the inkle loom to prove it. Apparently I gave her the yarn for the project she’s currently working on (no, I don’t remember it at all!)


So I had had a pretty full day by the time I got to my cousin’s house, but it was great to be able to give her the sweater I’d been working on since Christmas:

FullSizeRender 31

And it mostly fits. A bit big in the shoulders, but oh well! She seemed happy with it.

and a friend of hers, Charlotte, came over because she knits and was having a hard time getting a scarf to felt – she was using the yarn Touch Me! which is a cut rayon with a wool core. But she has a newer side-loading washing machine and it doesn’t really felt well, so we ran it through Marie’s older top-loader a few times, and then finished it off in the dryer, and it worked!


There was a gathering of knitters at my friend Judy’s and so good to connect with everyone, and I was a complete fail at taking any photos – bad me! I miss them all a lot!

The next day we gathered to celebrate my cousin’s graduation with her Masters of Social Work, which she did in three years while working full time – very impressive. She got a job in the field at the start of her third year, and so is fortunate to go straight into work without having to job hunt. Here she is with her great fiancé Rich, who started his own local veggie farm at the same time. Great couple! Now Rachel (and Rich) can plan the wedding!


Me, Rachel and Marie (Rachel’s mom)

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Heya, sweater turned out simply beautiful! I visited Bluebird on my trip down there in March. I wasn’t planning on adding a 25% off purchase to my trip budget. But I did. A large purchase. Sad to see her leave. And then there was the trip to Imagiknit in SF. ; )

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