Middle Part

The next part of my trip last month was finishing up the conference, seeing more friends, and heading to a Dodger game.

I got a photo with Franklin Habit, who is such a lovely human being, as well as a great knitting instructor. His class on knitting tessellations made my brain hurt in a good way!

Want to see a tessellation:


And here’s Franklin – I love that he has a distinctive personal style!


I had a pre-birthday dinner in Pasadena,


and the next morning I got together with more friends for brunch at a cafe near the Rose Bowl in Pasadena called Lincoln. It’s a hipster/locavore kind of place and my Parmesan eggs and the bacon were delicious!


On Monday, I went with my 2nd mom Bonny to one of her favorite eateries, the North Woods Inn which has been there forever, and the decor shows that not much has changed in a while:

That evening, I got to a Dodger game with my friends Bev and Jim, and Allison was able to help with using up a ticket that we had leftover. It was great to see Vin Scully on the screen before the game – it is his last season announcing for the team. Definitely an end to the era.

IMG_1055 FullSizeRender 23

Then it was time to return to Fresno for a day or two. And lucky me, the yarn for the next installment from the Ysolda 2016 club arrived!

The yarn is Skein Queen’s Ullvarme – a sport-weight wool which is made from a fiber collected by a company who gathers the wool as a waste product in Sweden. The card says “This wool can contain a blend of Dorsets, Suffolks, Dalasau and some Friesian milk ewes.”


Aren’t those beautiful colors? Fortunately, Brandy approves of the yarn!

And Izzie wants to make sure that you know that she was around too:

FullSizeRender 26

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