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So, I managed to post on my first day of vacation – And it’s been radio silence on the blog, although you might want to check out my Facebook and Twitter feeds, where there photos posted.

In short, it was great. There were a lot of different parts of it, and like that amazing tasty salad that has many different qualities to it – crunch, imami, sweet, sour, salt – the whole was greater than the sum of the parts.

First, I headed south to “the Southland” (yes, we really do call it that!) where there were friends and family, some of whom I hadn’t seen in over a year because of the not traveling thing. I stayed with my second Mom, Bonny, who remembers the day I was born because she lived a door or two down from my parents, and took in my brother while my parents went to the hospital. We had a good time, and hilariously compared our eating-alone habits of grazing rather than eating actual meals. So blessed to have her in my life.

Then after a day I went to check in at Vogue Knitting Live! in Pasadena –

FullSizeRender 19

and headed into LA where I had dinner with my cousin Allison, who now lives there with her fiancé Eben. We ate at a great pizza place called Olio at the Grand Central Market. So yummy! Most importantly I got caught up on the Wedding plans. Oh, and I learned about this place:


But never got to try it out. Next time!

I saw a couple of LA landmarks on my way back to Bonny’s house, including this one:

Los Angeles City Hall

Vogue Knitting Live

There is much to like about Vogue Knitting’s events: they have top-notch teachers, the event is very well-organized and they obviously care about the knitting world. The students who came in the classes were all fabulous too. However, in spite of magically talented teachers who I may never get to learn from again, the event was a very down-scaled affair compared to last year. No teacher panels in the marketplace, fewer vendors, and while I loved the relatively small size of the classes, it added to a very empty feeling in the convention center. It was clear that this event was not going to be happening here next year (it looks like they’ll be heading to Florida instead). But there were still lovely things like these incredible art installations in the Marketplace:

IMG_1020 IMG_1018

Indeed, I had a great time there – I ducked out on a few things I had signed up for because there were friends and family to see instead. Like my friend Lisa who lived a stone’s throw from me growing up who and hadn’t seen in about 30-odd years. She was also at the event, so we went to lunch in-between our classes, and it was great to catch up!


I had amazing teachers: Steven Be, Amy Detjen, and Franklin Habit. Amy really does dress in purple hair to toes, and StevenB is really like a rock star and out of the box as one could hope, and Franklin Habit has the gentle habits of a true gentleman and wears his heart on his sleeve. I’ve walked away with a bunch ways to play with yarn that can definitely keep my busy for the next year or so.

Which reminds me that yarn was acquired, although I bought only one skein of yarn. Amazing! But it certainly makes a statement (Yes, it has sparkles).


The color way name?


But I also bought another cat pin from Sacred Laughter, because everyone should have at least more than one of hers!

FullSizeRender 25

In the next post, I finish up my travels south with a trip to a hipster café, dinner with great friends, and go to a sportsy-event that brings back my childhood in a strong way. When I return home, yarn magically arrives in my mailbox.

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