All the knits

Today is my first day of vacation. I might have started a bit early last night:


I like to joke that a real vacation for me might just consist of lots of knitting, a bit of wine, and a great view. And yes, I will be going to a knitting event – Vogue Knitting Live! in Pasadena. I am taking all my classes purely for the teachers this time – in other words, this is about the entertainment value. I will be stalking taking classes with Amy Detjen, Franklin Habit, and Steven B. It should be a blast, and if I learn something, cool!

In the meantime, I am getting out of that knitting trough. On Saturday, our Sheeper Than Therapy knitting guild met for the first time at the church I serve. It was great to hear how much folks like the new location!


And there was much knitwear to celebrate completing:


While at the meeting, I compared notes with my knitting buddies who are also in the 2016 Ysolda Club, and none of us had completed the Banyan stole or shawl – not one! And if you check the Ravelry group, the number of folks who’ve completed it is pretty small. That was enough for me – I frogged the thing on Saturday, and yesterday found a lovely MKAL pattern from 2013 that was in my library, the Meadowsweet Shawl, and cast on. This Triskelion yarn is truly lovely; I’m already through the first chart, and planning to add some repeats because I have a lot more yardage of the amazing yarn:


Next up is to acquaint myself with the Sara Lace Cardigan project, and then figure out a really easy project to have when I’m social knitting in classes and the MarketPlace at Vogue knitting.

Finally, Clara Parkes Knitlandia book is winging its way to me as we speak. All the knits, all the time!