Knitting Trough

I’m in a knitting trough. The past couple of months have had their stresses, and unusually for me, that has resulted in less, rather than more, knitting.

Oh sure, I’ve been knitting a lot of socks. And a shawl for a friend who had a birthday in March (Reyna, in Zen Serenity Lace Merino-Silk Single).


Oh, and just finished a twin Renya (by request) for another friend (in Mountain Colors Twizzlefoot in the Harmony Iris color way – merino/silk/nylon blend) whose birthday was in April. It’s blocked:



Yeah, I know for a lot of folks that would be a lot of knitting. It’s all about expectations.

I do have two larger projects that are biggies, a sweater, and a shawl from Ysolda – and a little stuck.

I can hear all the knitters saying, “What, you are not excited about an Ysolda shawl pattern?” Well, part of the problem is that this pattern kit, part of her 2016 club, had two options, a long rectangular stole, and a crescent shaped shawl. I thought to myself, gosh, I really have so many crescent shawls, I’ll make the stole for a change. Except, when I see the actual finished ones, they end up being a scarf, and almost a goth kind of scarf. Now that’s ok if it is your style, but it is not mine. What I need to do is rip out the stole part (I’m not that far along) and start the shawl.

I just need to rip this out.

The sweater is one that I really will wear a lot – Vera Sanon’s Sara Lace cardigan, out of a fingering weight blue yarn. I love it, but I have to keep track of all the increases and lace charts because it’s a top-down cardigan, and that stress thing makes me not want to have to keep track of things.

But vacation begins on Monday, and I am sure by the time I go to Vogue Knitting Live! in Pasadena next weekend, I will be out of my knitting trough.


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