Lifecycle of Socks

I love to knit socks – in fact, they have become my comfort knitting. I almost always have a pair on the needles because they are a perfect in-between kind of knitting.

But even great socks get to the point where I am done with mending. Like these:


Ok, that sock on the right? Well, I lost its mate in my move last year. So, technically still a great sock if I only had one foot. Those other two pairs? I am done, done, done with mending them.



I’ve mended each of them multiple times, and extended their useful life by at least a couple of years. But no more. They do have one thing in common – they are made of yarn that is 100% wool, no nylon content at all. For the
non-sock knitters, that means that without the nylon to help with the abrasion of shoes and walking, they break down more easily.

So, where do good socks go to die in my household – well, I can’t just throw them away. And so it has come to pass, that I will be putting them aside for the annual dryer ball gift making in December. It turns out that cutting them into pieces and rolling them tightly makes a terrific core for wrapping beautiful roving around them. Like these:



Box of Socks

I am about to send out a box of socks to Afghans for Afghans, so their life-cycle will not be evident to me, but that’s ok:



I just finished up one more pair, so it will be 11 pairs of youth/adult socks and 3 pairs of newborn ones!


Amid all these socks for other people, I did knit one pair for me!


love this spring-like color way – the yarn is Regia 4 – Mosaic in the Istanbul color way, paired with Cascade heritage solids for the toes, heels and cuffs  in Blue -5604. Score another for the sock drawer!

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