Let’s Pretend

As some of my readers know, I moved about 11 months ago, and in the process, brought my 2 cats to a new location, where, instead of a 2nd floor balcony, I have a 1st floor patio. Having had one cat disappear for over 3 weeks, I really didn’t want to let them roam. I tried putting Izzie on a harness, but she kept escaping it.

In looking at options, all of them would require a fair amount of cash layout, and since I’m only here for a couple of years, it seemed like a lot of bother, then my leg got injured and everything was put on hold.

For a number of months, we were in a detente mindset – I’d hang out with them on the patio, and try to prevent Izzie from jumping up on the top of the fence and roaming. I spent a lot of energy nagging her, and the second she jumped up she had to go in. Brandy seemed cool with hanging out. Here Izzie dreams of things beyond the fence.IMG_0962

Then I lost interest in trying to keep this all so boundaries. It turned out that when Izzie did escape, she only wanted to hang out ab0ut 20 minutes, and would come when called, and often just wanted to perch on the top of the fence to look at stuff. Brandy then got a bit adventurous and hopped up. And she comes even more quickly than Izzie (I suspect because she was lost for three weeks that time years ago and doesn’t want a repeat).

So now we are playing the game I call “Let’s Pretend.”


I open the sliding door, and they go out. I pretend they will stay in, and then go looking for them if they go over the fence. Usually everyone is in the house with 5 minutes. It seems to be working.


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