I went for a walk.

Over the weekend, while on a beautiful stretch of California coast, I went for a walk.


It sounds so simple, so routine, but for me, over the past few months, going for a walk is something that was completely out of my wheelhouse. I had to save “steps” for the very functional parts of my life – doing the necessary stuff at home, standing briefly for work, so going for a walk, well, no.

I was feeling so much better that when I went on the trip, I even left the cane at home, which reminded me of this passage from the gospel of Mark:

“10 But so that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins”—he said to the paralytic— 11 “I say to you, stand up, take your mat and go to your home.” 12 And he stood up, and immediately took the mat and went out before all of them.”

When Jesus heals, things happen. And it’s not just that there is a physical healing, it’s a return to being in community – a restoration of relationships – being with family, finding a vocation, eating with folks.

I’m finding just this as I am getting better and better. As I’ve gotten out of the foggy meds phase, I can see all kinds of things that need repair and restoration in the rest of my life. My apartment got almost all unpacked when I was injured, but the stuff that didn’t makes it look like I haven’t unpacked. That new TV never got bought (although hey Hitachi – that 1984 solid state TV seems to be indestructible!) In my job, some things (and truthfully some people) were untended because of limited time for focused work, and now I am working that out.

I didn’t go on vacation except for one week after Christmas because I was feeling crappy and staying home seemed like a waste of good vacation time, so I’ll be doing two weeks of vacation that I really, really need to reconnect with family and friends. Oh, there’s also the need to start working out for real, which I think will only add to my quality of life.

True healing is like that – in truth, if one part of our lives is out of whack, it affects everything else. Health is an ecosystem, not just a body thing. Christian healing, unlike our medical system, is a holistic affair.

When I went on this trip over the weekend, I knew that I was going to really need to rest, but even my own assessment of this was actually underestimated. There was no big “plan” for the time, but I brought four knitting projects and a really good knitting book, along with a couple of great general interest books. What I didn’t know, and experienced, was that I needed true Sabbath, to just be and not even do a lot of knitting. I barely worked one sock the entire four days.

But I did go on a walk. And saw amazing sunsets, and even saw friends. Jesus would have called this healing work.




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