Mountain Top Experiences – in life and knitting

This past week I had the fortune of going to a continuing education event at Lake Tahoe, at a wonderful conference center called Zephyr Point. In summer it looks like this:


but this past week, I got there right after a snowstorm:


Yeah. For a gal living in the drought-stricken Central Valley of California, this was amazingly wonderful. At the mountain top, there awaited some lovely worship:









All designed by a very talented woman named Marcia McFee:


We even saw a wildcat (bobcat, we think), which is very unusual. It was a lovely time to gather with colleagues to work, and to play:


Ironically, I missed preaching on the gospel’s mountain text today (story of the Transfiguration), having taken the entire week of preaching stuff off, but I got to experience the mountain instead. We all were transfixed when the snow came in:


In yarnie things, I feel like I’ve knit myself through a mountain of lace yarn, to come out on the other side. Lunna Voe is done, and blocked, and she is pretty!











There’s at least one family wedding this year, I think over a simple dress this could be stunning. What do you think?

And now we are onto the Season of Lent,

which begins by our remembering that we are from the dust, and to dust we shall return…

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