It gets better (sometimes)

Well, the month of January is coming to an end. I have a rainy morning, and rocked getting a sermon completed, sermon slides prepared, and a reflection for a memorial service done. I’ve emptied the dishwasher, put away washed hand-knit socks that were laid flat to dry. I’ve even reviewed a couple of patterns that have been tech-edited (for publication!) and almost done there. It’s 10:15 am and I feel like I’ve walked up Mount Everest already.

Recently I read a writer who has said that he gets up and writes his daily word count before heading to social media, because he finds that he is much clearer and less distracted than if he fills up his brain with the Internetz beforehand. Given my productivity this morning (ok, I listened to a podcast, but it’s a story, not a million Instragrams and Tweets), I think I am now a believer.

So, other than going to the pool and getting some food for lunch between services tomorrow, this is the other “on the list” item. And a fun one! Let’s see what I’ve been up to:

Progress on the health front:

I went back up to Dr. Fancy-Schmancy mid-month, and we came out about where I thought we would – stay the course with the cane. There’s no real reason to do surgery at this point, and we’re guessing I have a stress-fracture in the leg. Nothing shows up on any scans. I thought he might say I had to go completely off the leg for a few weeks, but since I’m better with the cane (less pain, less pain medication), we’re trying that. And I’ve been cleared to go to the pool with care. Hurray! Stay tuned…

Knitting Bigger Stuff:

Both of my projects are big ones, and progress has been apace, but not terrible exciting progress-wise.

Twigs and Willows cardigan: this is my Christmas present to my cousin Marie – and it’s going well. The back is done and came out straight on gauge (hello, swatching pays off!), and now I’m mid-way up the fronts. The front yoke is where all the fun happens, so I’ve still a fair way to go – I’m knitting them flat, two-at-a-time. I did change where the shaping goes on this sweater. The pattern has one do this at the side-seams, and I’ve decided to put them into the back and fronts as princess seams for a more shapely look:


Lunna Voe is the last kit from Ysolda’s 2015 Shawl club. The yarn is a Shetland 2-ply, laceweight, and the pattern is true knitted lace, with patterning on both sides of the knitting. All went relatively well until I hit the garter section (the last part of it), and realized I was knitting that so loosely (because I was using a much smaller needle, that I erroneously thought was too small) that I was going to run out of yarn, which when you are knitting 800 yards of lace is a big yuck.


Now, because it’s part of a club, I could get a bit of leftovers sent from other folks, but I thought about and decided to do some knitting surgery. I used a very long circular needle to make an afterthought lifeline at the beginning of the garter section:

lifeline inserted


rip back to that point, then re-knit the section again with a more normal tension. It’s going fine now, and I should have enough that I shouldn’t have to undo the swatches – which are a total of 5 grams.

Now I’m headed out for a week of continuing education and the like, and I’m hoping that I can figure out another quick and fun project to go with these bigger projects!

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