Many things are begun

It’s a New Year, and importantly for this knitter, I am done with the Christmas knitting. Everything turned out well, the recipients said nice things to me, but perhaps my favorite photo of a gift recipient was for Stevie, the new cat of my cousin Allison.

The cat bed, is the Bull’s Eye Cat Bed by Donna Druchunas, and while the original was knit with fun fur yarn (it was a thing for some knitters in the 2000’s), I decided to knit mine mostly out of Ecological wool because a. it’s a bulky yarn so it knits up quickly, and b. my cats love this yarn, as in, rolling themselves up in any FO I’ve ever made from it. Project notes here.image

Report from Allison is good. This photo apparently was taken 3 minutes after she unpacked the cat bed:


and she basically is spending all her time in it, and giving swipes to Allison and her fiance when they walk by.

Other than that, live has been about knitting whatever I want, which turns out to be many things:



Oh Valencia Socks from Custom Socks by Kate Atherley. The second sock is almost done – I have only the toe left to do.

A fine lace shawl from the 2015 Shawl Club by Ysolda Teague:


Lunna Voe – not available to non-club members for a while. The yarn is a custom color from Old Maiden Aunt, Shetland 2-ply, and fairly soft!

The sweater I have promised to knit for my cousin Marie for her Christmas present (no deadline):


Twigs and Willows by Alana Dakos (from Botanical Knits)

And finally, I’m getting around to knitting the fingerless mittens (or gauntlets) to match my Symetrie hat out of my handspun targhee. I had found a free chevron mitts pattern, which didn’t work, then I started on my own, got frustrated and put it all aside, only to discover it this week when I was looking for a project bag to use. Then I did a new Ravelry search, and someone had put up the perfect pattern – Chevron Gauntlets. It was written for yarn in the same weight as my handspun, and lots of projects already knit, so I knew it worked. For $4.00, it was a steal, given how I hadn’t want to put the effort into figuring it out myself.

I made a couple of small modifications to match the Symetrie Hat pattern, to match the ribbing and the style of double-decreases, but I am happy to report that I have one mitten done, sans thumb, and about half-way through the next one.


Finally, my grey tabby Isadora is feeling a little competitive about me posting about Stevie, so she wants me to show you that she really, really likes the knitted fish cat toy I knit for her and Brandy.


So, knitters, what have you started now that the holidays are coming to an end?

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I’ve co for baby socks for Afghanistan…4 pair knit so far. baby socks go fast! almost instant gratification. happy new year!

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