Just can’t stop

Making these necklaces…it’s an addiction!


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Gosh, it’s been ages since I’ve blogged. Partly it’s the getting into new rhythms part, partly it’s that I’ve traveled three times since moving, and now I’m coping with a leg thing that has to be dealt with. In other words, life. Yeah, first world problems for sure!

Along the way, I’ve seen a lot of beauty:

Up at Lake Tahoe:


In Sonoma County at the coast:


Montreat, North Carolina (near Asheville):


and I’ve even gotten all the things up on the walls in my new apartment:

IMG_0256 IMG_0255









Sure, there are a few pesky boxes that still need to be unpacked, but I am feeling at home in my new world for the most part.






Knitting and spinning wise, there’s a sense of completion after a summer of slogging.

One non-slogging thing was my opportunity to teach some knitters how to make the knitted necklaces at the Sheeper Than Therapy knitting guild. I was nervous teaching over 20 knitters how to make the necklaces, but it went ok! And then the women’s group at my church has a fall boutique fundraiser, so I’ve been making a couple of them a week to sell.  I blocked a bunch of them, and sewed on buttons from the amazing dumpster stash I got for free:

Button stash for free!


Necklaces for Fundraiser:


The knitted knockers group is cool, and I was part of stuffing a lot of them last month:


and I’m making bunch more, even though my pastor colleagues think this is pretty weird.

I finished another shawl from Ysolda’s shawl club, this one is called Crockern Tor with a lovely loopy crochet edge:


And the yarn for the next one is waiting for me to start (Izzie is impatient too!)


There is some secret knitting happening and finishing up!


and I am just finishing up a sweater called Gisela by CocoKnits – aka Julie Weisenberger. I think I’ll like the sweater, but the process of knitting it was not very fun.

 And speaking of finishing up, I also am adding to the stash with souvenir yarn from Black Mountain Yarns in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Lovely store, and it is important to support the LYS, even if it isn’t your LYS. She had a couple of locally dyed yarns:








With several things finishing up, I’m planning on plying some singles that I spun while I was preparing to move, and working on a couple of Christmas gifts. Shhh, don’t tell!