Finding My Yarn People

Well, it’s been a little more than a month since I told the blog that I was moving, and I’m happy to say that it went well. I am 90 percent moved in (that last 10 percent going slowly), the kitties are getting adjusted to new digs (unfortunately I have to kitty-proof my patio that they are itching to go out on so they don’t wander off). And I am finding my people, yarn and otherwise.

First, I have found the church folks to be delightful. I took a few photos my first Sunday:



What a wonderful faith community! I’m lucky to serve them.

But of course it was also important to find the yarn people. Before coming to Fresno, I had done some homework about knitting groups and guilds, as well as yarn stores. And lucky for me, the local guild, Sheeper Than Therapy, holds their monthly meetings about a 2 minute drive from my house. Here’s a stealth photo:


And there are my kind of knitters in the guild. They attract a curious group, from beginners to advanced, and they go to knitting expos like I do. Some of them had just gotten back from Amy Herzog’s knitting retreat in Asilomar (right next to Monterey), and they go to Stitches and the like as well.

Just one example: I’d joined Ysolda Teague’s 2015 Shawl Club, in which you get a custom British wool yarn in an amount for the project, plus a shawl pattern downloadable through Ravelry. I had just started the second one, and after cruising the tables at the guild meeting, I spotted the yarn at another knitter’s side, and sure enough, Kera was also a member. Kinda nice to meet your knitting twin right off the bat!

On WWKIP (worldwide knitting in public day), I met up with some of the knitters at our designated spot – and got a photo of my new yarn people there:


We only lasted a couple of hours because it was going to be 105 degrees that day. I’m getting the full introduction to Fresno summers!

Afterwards I went to the yarn store in town, Swatches, which has just expanded and has a lot of good yarn! There’s a new knitting charity project in town, Knitted Knockers – which are knitted boobs for folks who’ve had a mastectomy. Here’s a link to a local newscast about them. Of course I had to buy the yarn and pick up the pattern!

Beyond yarn people, I have also been finding my way into a regular exercise routine. I joined a gym, GB3, and found both a zumba class and a aqua boot camp class that are really good, and it may work out to at least sub for some aqua classes here, as my schedule allows. My first unofficial class happened last Sunday as I headed to the pool to work out, and about 4 elementary school kids were there (with a mom). When they saw me working out, they wanted to do it too, so it was my first kids aqua class. I was impressed at how strong they were – much more fit than I was at their age. Clearly PE has come a long way!

That’s the quick scoop on the last month. In my next post, I’ll talk more about what I’ve been knitting during this somewhat stressful time!



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