Shawls by Ysolda

I really like Ysolda Teague’s shawl designs. One of the first that I knit was Ishbel.

I liked it so much that the first decent handspun I made got knit into another one:


And another!

In fact, I know I knit one more that I forgot to take pictures of! Four of them, I really liked that pattern.

Another pattern I really enjoyed was Sherilyn (apparently I didn’t take a post-blocking photo):

This was a gift for a friend. I’ve got more Blue Heron Rayon Metallic to make one for me.

I most recently knit her pattern Marin:

This past fall, Ysolda decided to do a lovely shawl club, with British yarns from local sources. I was totally in, because there is rarely a pattern I don’t like. Let me introduce you to Stac Shoaigh, which is knit from a really cool wool-alpaca blend yarn spun just for the club from Soay sheep from islands in the St Kildaire archipelago. The pattern has this really cute petal shape at the top of the neck:


Before blocking it was ok:


But after blocking, it is really lovely with a lot of drape!


I can’t wait for the next installment!