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Drive-By Posting

Wow, sorry gang that it has been a whole month without a post. Life at Casa del Revknits is pretty busy, with extra duties due to earthquake damage from the South Napa quake. I am learning lots’ of new terms and skills along the way – including how to navigate a couple of very scary ladders to get to this view from the top of the church tower:


We have the emergency repair work done, but golly, that whole sidewalk is still off-limits until we can get some real funding from the conference to move ahead with the wall repair:



In addition to that fun, I managed a quick trip back to my hometown to visit family friends. And I had some fun too, including a screening of a movie at the Motion Picture Academy with my friends Curtiss and Nhien, which in addition to nice theater has a couple of lovely statues of Oscar on either side:


and I went to Dodgers game with one of my best friends in school, Bev, and her husband Jim. We had the BEST time. They played the Giants, and of course I rooted for the Dodgers because. Now they they’re out of the play-offs, I’m back to being a fair-weather Giants fan.


With my friend Nhien, I went to Wild Fiber Studio, a lovely yarn store in Santa Monica, and we bought yarn of course! The Zen Garden cashmere, silk and merino singles in their own custom colorway haunted us and we each bought a skein. Yum! It’s that top one that glows. The other two just hopped into my basket, I pinky-swear.


And there has been knitting too! I started and completed the Hitofude cardigan for my grown up cousin Rachel. Here I am delivering it to her and smiling because it fit! Project details here.


Other projects have been slogging along as well. I finally finished the fingerless mittens/beret set out of my handspun (remember I had to knit three mittens to get two that kinda match?) and a bit of a commercial yarn:

image  image

They are lovely, I can’t wait for a little cold to test them out! Project details here.  While I was at knitting group yesterday, one of the knitters looked at me and said, “I hope those are for you, you haven’t knit for yourself in a while.” And it’s true, I haven’t, but honestly, I have enough knits for the hot months at the moment (it will be close to 80 degrees today), so I haven’t missed out on wearing stuff.

As it is, I’m still wearing my summer knits. How about you knitters, what are you itching to wear when the weather turns cold?