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In which I show finished objects.

Despite the summer slumpiness (that’s a word, right?) in my knitting, I have been finishing things. One thing I finished were a pair of booties that simply needed amazing ribbon put through the laces:


The pattern is the very reliable Stay On Baby Booties, knit out of Cascade Fixation. They are part of a set (which I’m saying work together even though that judgment should be suspect) for a beautiful little baby named Elsie, whose photos on Facebook charm me. I made her a sweater and hat set:


The sweater is the Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann, and the hat was a made-up pattern to mimic the sweater. The parents run their own stuffed toy craft company, so the more color, the better! I am happy with how they came out. Notice in the hat I varied the color order from the sweater, I wish I’d done the hat’s order for the sweater, but I was not re-knitting a striped sweater, even a baby one, again to achieve perfect color harmony.

I also completed my second Leftie. The first one I gave away and regretted afterwards that I didn’t have one. The base color yarn is Vice – a lovely fingering weight in wool and silk, with great sheen and drape. The leaves on the shawl are from sock yarn leftovers (and yes, there is still a 2.5 gallon ziplock with more where these came from). I love how it came out, and have loaned in for about the next six weeks to Bluebird Yarn and Fiber.


This is also the season I start knitting for Christmas, because I hate knitting at the last-minute, and I do not have all that much time in December for Christmas Shopping and the like. So these socks (Hickory pattern from The Knitter’s Book of Socks, except I knit them toe-up). They don’t look like much off a leg, but check out the stitch pattern on projects in Ravelry, it adds an unusual twist, but still workable for a guy to wear.


And now there are only secret knitting projects on the needles. I’ll need to start something public to knit asap!


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