Knitting for Good Spinning


I’m a little more than one month out from The Great Clear Out (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,   and the final piece) and I’ve been struck by  the flow-out from this move in my life.

  1. The clearing out continues. This was always the plan, since I didn’t finish things, just got over the hump, but I have downsized twice in the size of storage unit that I need. The current one is a petite 4’x5′ (a mere 20 percent of the big one), and if all goes to plan, I may not even need  this one by the end of the year. That would be SO nice! Also, I find that random drawers that were not part of the clear-out get organized because it feels better. I got my car cleaned and sorted out the trunk of my car.
  2. Room for other things in my life. That old saw about less is more? Totally true. With less visual clutter at home, and it now being easy to get to things that I own, there is more time in my life. No longer am I digging through crap to get to what I want.
  3. New goals. Among the room created is the mental space for new goals – get fitter and lighter.  I took a sample class for a new exercise program that my Y may bring in for us to teach, and it was really, really hard, to the point that I realized if I want to teach it, I have to get in better shape. So I’m adding on more workout times, different classes (cardio dance, zumba, yoga) which are fun and I feel better, and fit into more clothes. I’m going to see how far I can get this body!
  4. Saving money. Yep, it’s cheaper now too, with the smaller storage unit, and being able to see everything I own and use that instead of buying things. Between the savings on internet and phone that I worked on in the spring, paying for things like insurance all at once to save interest and fee payments, I am now looking to save for some goals – a big trip, retirement, etc.
  5. Stash busting. I didn’t really intend this, but since the Mendonoma trip, I’ve been knitting from stash – using up a lot of little bits with the yarn in a bowl hats, socks from bits of handspun, all for Afghans for Afghans. Will I make it to Labor Day without buying yarn for me to knit? Stay tuned!

Fiber stuff

The “baby shower” for Afghans for Afghans has me a little obsessed. These hats were the result of my yarn in a bowl experiment, and some of the socks are from samples of or leftover handspun.



Although I haven’t officially participated in Tour de Fleece this year, I must be feeling the vibes, because I finished plying some really old fiber in the stash, which I think will become a large felted bowl for Wildcare.


Then I plied the Into the Whirled BFL. I think I had split this to fractal spin, but then the tags fell off each of the removable spindle shafts, so in fact the plying was completely random, and the skeins are different from each other. Oh well, now I know to make sure the tags stay on!


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