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The Fiber Communities

One thing I love about our county fair (which is the best county fair in the Western US – I’m not kidding about that – the trade association for county fairs voted this) is that the crafters and artists get to show off their work every year.  The Artists showcase is killer, and probably really tough to get into, the crafting categories are gentler and allow all folks to participate.

And the plus is that we get to see each others’ best work all together. This year, these are some of the things that I enjoyed. My clergy acquaintance Chris made this quilt which won Best of Show for Art Quilts:


My friend Judy did her usual clean-up of Fiber spinning awards – for her lovely yarn and a great hat knit from Handspun:


and she started new world domination in the weaving category:


Gale K. had an amazing beaded shawl which sadly did not translate into a photo very well. Trust me, it’s spectacular:


Then there is Linda. Linda is not a proud look-at-me kind of knitter. Indeed, in person, she is rather modest. But then, she pulls out FOUR amazing items for the fair, any of one of which a knitter would look at and be pleased as punch to have knitted. I took photos of three of them and see if you don’t agree:

IMG_2160 IMG_2163



And my friend Melissa submitted this all too adorable crocheted hippo:


and that wasn’t the only lovely crochet that was shining, this shawl was also lovely:


Colorwork this year was lovely, as in these two sweaters – I love the color combinations and sophisticated palettes:

IMG_2152 IMG_2154

And me? This was not a “big submission” year for me, mostly because last year sucked in most ways, and it frankly affected the knitting. As usual, the things that I thought would do well, didn’t so much, and a last-minute item did.  First, my fingerless mittens that went viral of Ravelry for a couple of days took 3rd in original design, which is not a bad thing when you consider how little knitting there is to the project:


On the other hand, my Leftie shawl that I adore, only got an honorable mention. Perhaps its lack of a prize might have been due to the fact that it was displayed on the wrong side out on the mannequin (I mean really???). I’ll take it as a nod to my super-good finishing on this item so that they didn’t see the ends on the color changes.

The Wrong Side - oh well!
The Wrong Side – oh well!

And finally, my handspun took 2nd place in its category, and considering I was up against Judy and another spinner that robbed Judy of won a couple of firsts, I was pretty happy.


Some people might think the Marin fair is a hoity-toity kind of deal, which it is not. I give you these two final photos to demonstrate that yes, Marin can get real:


A demonstration that really makes me smile!


I think it’s great that my credit union is so on board with the bacon!

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