A Visit to Mendonoma

Mendonoma – you won’t find it on a standard map of California, but yes, it apparently does exist:











This little slice of California has almost everything that makes California a wonderful place to live and visit – rolling hills, vineyards, coastal fog, gulls and redwoods.  Just go north of San Francisco on 101, then take Route 128 at Cloverdale for a lovely drive through many micro-climates.

Here are a few photos of my visit to Mendonoma:

IMG_2086 IMG_2096 IMG_2074













One thing I will talk about is the upcoming yarn bombing (oh, I hate the name for a wonderful thing) in Mendocino. Streetcolor, well-known down here in Berkeley, is collaborating with the Mendocino Art Center and town businesses for a yarn-bombing this summer. I got a sneak peek at her dyed felted pieces,


and some felted flowers (so beautifully dyed)


and when I went to the Mendocino Yarn Shop (a great store, go if you are in the area!), owner Aline was getting ready with her knitters for the installation outside their shop.


I was sorry that I missed seeing the installation, which is called “The Crayon Box”, but there will be photos as things get installed. There are already some photos-up!

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