I can see clearly now.

It’s been one week since the great Clear Out began. Yesterday the housecleaner came as we transitioned to the great Clean Out and made things sparkle. I can see clearly now that the windows are washed!


It’s lovely and amazing to have my apartment back again, and it feels a million times lighter too. While I still have more projects to do over the summer, it’s now at a pace where I can do one a week and be done with things.

And you might wonder what knitting occurred during this endeavor. Simple, my friends, I kept it very simple. There’s wasn’t much bandwidth to work with considering all the other decisions I was making. I knit a pair of sock booties – mostly stockinette, a little ribbing:


There are also some baby nests ready to be felted in the washer for Wildcare:


And Afghans for Afghans is having a “Baby Shower” in June – we are knitting socks and hats for a hospital, so if you have some spare yarn and want to knit a couple of things, then check out the campaign! I’ve knit a couple of baby socks (one shown):


Today begins the real vacation – heading up to Mendocino Coast for a few days of R&R. I had visions of a bigger trip, but what I really need is rest, so this is as far as I really have the energy to go. It is stunning coast to wander, and there’s a killer yarn store in the town of Mendocino. The yarn and spinning projects I am bring are also very simple, that’s all I want to deal with at the moment.

I might buy yarn, but don’t tell Pam, my organizer, which reminds me of a funny story.  Yesterday my friend Judy, a knitter/spinner/weaver came by and we looked at my newly organized yarn in the closet. She turned to me, after hearing that my organizer thought I had perhaps too much yarn, and said, “She doesn’t know your friends, does she?” Exactly.



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