The Great Clear Out – Part 2

We are past “peak clutter” now – and now there are lot’s of piles of things. Some stuff is going to a church rummage sale – there’s more furniture going, this is the housewares edition (no, not the church I serve):

Some to good will:

Some to friends with interests that link to the stuff:


Piles of things that might be worth a little money with little effort:


And it turns out that my vaccuum, when there’s not a broken belt, can take up cat hair just fine! Amazing Pam saved me about $350 just by figuring that out and then we got it repaired in an afternoon. I don’t need the most amazing vacuum, the one I have works. Yes, those carpets need to be shampooed, I’m gonna see if I can get the apartment complex to spring for a cleaning since I’ve been here so long.

Today and Saturday most of the stuff will be at it’s next home, the dump, or the shredder e-waste people. Which will leave some stuff, and ready for the cleaners!

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