Double Knitting is Practical!

Sorry about the relative radio silence. No, it wasn’t a “Ravelry Top 5 Hangover” or any other fiber related over-indulgence. Partly it is that my public knitting is slow and not as interesting as I’m putting together new classes to teach at Bluebird and I have some knitting design deadlines looming.

But, I do have one thing to share: double knitting is so practical. I confess that I’ve only been double-knitting for a couple of years, but there is so much to like about it – colorwork! lofty items yet warm! great insulation!

I listen to the Craflit podcast – you do too, right? – in it, one character, Mrs. Thornton, is admiring of another’s “double knitting” as being very practical.  She’s right! This project  is a very small sort that makes double knitting rock the kitchen – potholders!

I confess that knitted potholder are sometimes wimpy cousins of their crocheted brethren – they just aren’t quite up to the task. But double knitting increases the thickness (and insulation) and allows for pretty too! Here are a couple that I’ve been working on:

Double knitting potholder

I’m doing these as mirror images of each other. The pattern is called Skog/Forest – but it’s not in English (it’s free and in Norwegian), of course I just used the chart with my worsted weight yarn.

Double knitting potholder
And notice this cast=on? It’s really cool, and would be perfect for casting on a double-knitted hat – it’s basically a two color long-tail mirrored cast on. Check out this video by Alasdair Post-Quinn if you want to try it – I love it. Unfortunately, the cast-off that would match this is beyond my desire to reverse engineer, but hey, it’s a potholder.

Here’s the video:

I can’t wait to finish these so I have some nice ones in the kitchen!

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