Drive-by Post

There is a ton of knitting happening at Chez Revknits. I’ve starting a friendly contest over at the Ravelry Afghans for Afghans board called “March Madness” – our goal is to knit 100 items in the month of March (if we go over, that’s ok too). We have prizes! So I’ve been knitting as part of the goal (not for the prizes, because I’m organizing). So far, Three pairs of socks are done:

IMG_1304There’s a pair of mittens on the needles, but that is just worked on when I’m not working on other stuff, which is to say, I’m doing some designing for publication and teaching.

I saw a post by radio host Ira Glass the other day about starting a new creating adventure, and he noted that when you are working at something new, your efforts will not match your taste – which is to say that you know what is really, really good, and you are not that good yet. Which can be discouraging, and offputting. Yeah, I think that’s where I am now – it takes a while to get a design good enough these days. Ira’s advice is to keep going and creating. Thanks, Ira, I will!

I can share one item that I’ve designed for an upcoming retreat this Saturday, March 22nd, at Bluebird Yarn and Fibercraft called Knitting Luxury: Lace and Beads. The sampler we’ll do in class uses about 7 different techniques for placing beads, and then I designed a fingerless mitten pattern using 4 of them:


It’s a really quick project that could be a lovely gift knit. Pattern will be posted next week!

Finally, I’ve started back baking bread – lovely sourdough bread with organic flours and no additives. This is my third loaf since I started back:



If the thought of baking bread seems hard, go with these Sourdough Bread directions by S. John Ross. Super simple, and I make lovely bread with just this.