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Ravellenics Endeth; March Madness Cometh (not what you think)

Wow, the Olympics is a total time-suck. I am so into the figure skating coverage that I managed to get up at 7 am to watch the live (online streaming) of the whole event, then race back home after work to catch the prime-time coverage.

Add in getting sick (being without a voice for six days – yikes!), a business trip, and that’s why it’s been radio silence here at Casa del Revknits.

But now that the Olympics is done, I can share my Ravellenic projects, which started with this pile of yarn:
and I ended up with these socks:
and these mittens:

Ravellenics Mittens for A4A

and an original cowl pattern both designed and knit (sorry, still a secret knit for an upcoming publication).  Not much other knitting happened.

And March Madness? I confess that my days of bing-watching sports is done for now. Instead, I’ve cooked up a short-term competition we’re holding over at the Afghans for Afghans Ravelry Board. During the month of March, we’re going to see how many hats, pairs of mittens and socks we can knit up in a month.

If you participate, you have a chance to win some lovely knitterly prizes that have been donated. Here’s one lovely skein of Cephalopod Bugga! yarn that I am donating to the cause:


Join us as we attempt to go over 100 items in total. I’m sure you can even do it while watching basketball.

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