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Gearing Up for the Ravellenic Games (aka the Knitting Olympics)

It’s the Winter Olympics again! And for this figure skating fan, the competition already started early this morning with the new team event. Ten countries have teams of one man, one woman lady, one dance team and one pair. Unfortunately for the USA team, halfway through the qualifying round, the USA is tied three-ways for 5th place. I hope our skaters will rally to qualify for the finals, and maybe win a bronze medal. Bring on the triple/triple jumps, the quads, the Beillmann spins, and Spandex and crystal-laden costumes. I love it all!

This also means that it is time for the ravelympics Ravellenic Games on Ravelry. I am team leader for Team Afghans for Afghans, and our mighty goal is to knit as many socks and mittens as we can for children (and their teachers) in Afghanistan, under the auspices of Afghans for Afghans. Check them out!

Along the way, I managed to turn a cold into a nasty throat infection, and lose my voice.  Now, I have managed to preach with a broken ankle, but no voice means no preaching and not much of anything else (that communication thing in ministry). Urgent care Doc was only helpful in ruling out strep (I have had strep, already knew this wasn’t it), so only after going to my ENT doc did I get a megadose of antibiotics which, 48 hours later, seems to be turning the tide. Day 6 of no voice, but hopefully I’ll get one soon.

With all this sickness, mindless knitting has been the order of the day. I knit some socks. First, a pair for me out of a really good deal at my LYS. The colorway is delightful. Project details here (rav link).IMG_1249

and I have enough leftover to make booties to wear inside as well:


At the same time, I decided to get warmed-up for my Ravellenic competition by knitting some very basic socks. I’m calling it “pre-stockpiling” or “last-minute training.” One pair (the ones on the left) are from when I was recovering from my fractured ankle, which just needed a small part of the leg done, the others from scratch.


I’ve also collected the stash yarns (scraps and others stuff) that I will use for the stockpiling projects. Some is bulky, other is worsted.



Tomorrow evening, I’ll cast on for something (either a mitten if I have the brain power, or a another sock if I don’t). Should you wish to join in the revelry of the Ravellenic Games, come on by and join our team!

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