The Perfect Knitting Thank You Note.

In my knitting life, I have mostly appreciative knitting recipients. Now admittedly I do not continue to knit for the unappreciative knitting recipients, so this is pretty much a self-selecting process over time.

I recently received a very lovely thank you note from family friend Curtiss, for whom I knit a pair of socks (for his rather large size 10 1/2 pair of feet). In return I got this thank you note in the mail (!).Let’s dissect it, shall we?


Points already for sending through the mail (meaning finding pen, note, envelope and stamp), and hand-written. Onto the content.

“Thank you so much for the Xmas socks! I love them!” Note that he mentions the what immediately, and his open response to receiving them. Bonus points for exclamation points!

“I’m amazed by the care & time you put into your knitting – that’s a lot more effort than just going to the store!” Here we know that he knows what knitting takes (he’s married to knitter who does not yet knit socks, so he knows), and that it is a gift of my time and expertise, not a quick trip to the store.

“Please be assured that it’s much appreciated.” This is code to me (because I know Curtiss) – you knit me a pair anytime you want.

And Curtiss – you’re welcome! The knitter.