Holiday Knitting Crunch – Not

Like a lot of knitters, I knit holiday gifts. The more I knit them, the earlier I start – I used to start around October, but that usually was crazyland, so in fact I’ve been knitting gifts since August (with the help of a fractured ankle that reduced my activity by quite a bit).

Now that the holidays are upon us (and even in the midst of, counting Hanukkah), I finally looked at my gift and giftee list, and came up with three projects:

– 2 hats for boyfriends of younger cousins (I’m using Jared Flood’s Turn a Square) pattern in some tweedy stuff and silk garden). I started this one last night – it’s pretty fast – I did this in about 2 hours

Turn a square hat 2a

– and one more Gatsby necklace (unstarted)

Speaking of the Gatsby necklace, If you are local and would like to get in on the last-minute giftedness of the Gatsby necklace, I’m teaching it twice in the next week at Bluebird.

Sunday, November 8th – 1 pm, and

Tuesday, November 10th – 1 pm.

Call Bluebird Yarn and Fiber at 415-331-9276 to reserve your spot.

But back to gift knitting – I’m really relieved that I didn’t pile on the knitted gifts this year – I am working on a sweater for my cousin with Customfit, but that is really a long-term knit, so I don’t feel I have to finish by Christmas.

How about you? What’s your knit-gift strategy this year?

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Cathy writes:
I’m making 2 sweaters for grandchildren. Fortunately they are sizes 2 & 4 so it doesn’t take much knitting to get them finished. Both are ready to be seamed.

For several years I’ve planned to make the ladies in my Bible study miniature sock ornaments from Unplanned Peacock, but time always gets away from me. Maybe I should just make them in January & consider myself ahead of the game for Christmas 2014.

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